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RVig and Generative Art.

RVig was born in 1976 in Lyon, France and currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland.
He has been a digital artist since 1999. He studied computer science and engineering at INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Science) and McGill University (Montréal, Canada). However he had long had a passion for art and images and he succeeded at weaving this into his mastery of coding.
Generative art refers to art made through the use of creative coding. It’s a long and detailed process, balancing and combining algorithms, raw source data, visual harmonisation skills, fine tuning, planning and vision.
Practitioners have access to a wide range of knowledge and techniques, and RVig likes to explore untried combinations of techniques and new ways of applying current knowledge. This practice leads to interesting discoveries and new visual experiences.
He has built over time his own collection of custom scripts, tools and code, which is constantly evolving with the emergence of new ideas and technologies.
His work has appeared at a diverse range of exhibitions in galleries and events since 2011, including FTWeekend Festival in London, InkGallery in Geneva, Lausanne Art Fair, Paris Metaverse Summit and Predict Conference in Dublin.
In 2021 he entered the world of NFTs, with the release of the project “Flowers” on, the main NFT platform dedicated to generative art.




Senary Studio
12-28 sept 2023, Senary Studio & Showroom, Carouge, GE


Swiss NFT Show
7-28 sept 2023
curated by Georg Bak, unpaired. NFT Gallery | Zug, ZG

NFT Factory, Paris

NFT Factory
NFT Factory, Paris, #OpenScreens, dec 2022

Volute, Art Blocks

Volute, Presents Project
Volute, Presents Project


7th Computer Art Congress
Computer & Media Art at the Age of Metaverse and NFT
September 1st and 2nd 202, Geneva, Switzerland

Paris Metaverse Summit

Paris Metaverse Summit
Share, Learn and Build a Positive Future of Metaverse
July 16-17th, 2022 Paris

Nebula, Art Blocks

Nebula, Factory Project
Nebula, Factory Project
Lausanne Art Fair
Lausanne Art Fair - Stand Galerie Gijsel
FT Weekend Festival FT Office entrance
Letters to the world, video exhibited at THE GALLERY TENT during FT Weekend Festival

Flowers, Art Blocks

Flowers, Factory Project
Flowers, Factory Project

Artistisc Afterwork -
aug. 27th 2020 - Mo Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Quai Turrettini 1, 1201 Genève


The ArtBox.Projects, Miami 2.0

Fashion & Art show -
Fashion & Art show -
nov. 9th 2019 - Tiffany Hotel, Rue de l'arquebuse 20, 1204 Geneva

Predict Conference - Dublin

Predict Conference - Dublin
5th Annual Predict Conference
The future of technology through AI and data
Europe's Leading Data Conference
October 1st 2019, RDS, Dublin - Genève InkGallery Tattoland Supplies
InkGallery Tattooland Supplies
july 13th > aug 28th, 2019 - Av Pictet-de-Rochemont 24, 1207 Genève
Lausanne Art Fair Lausanne Art Fair
Lausanne Art Fair - Stand

Fashion & Art show -
march 28th 2019 - Brasserie Da Matteo, Rue du Stand 50, Geneva - Genève

Marathon Musical, Conservatoire de Musique de Geneve

Marathon Musical, Conservatoire de Musique de Geneve
April 20, 2018 - Geneva
Reactive Generative Art - accompanying the Harp concert
Link to Swiss TV (RTS) report

Galerie Rosa Da Rua

Galerie Rosa Da Rua Clermond-Ferrand (France), June 2017
Link to local newspaper article. (La Montagne)

The ArtBox.Projects, Basel 1.0

The ArtBox.Projects, Basel 1.0

Petite Galerie 2013

Petite Galerie Le Poet Laval Drome Provençale
September 2013, Le Poët-Laval, France (26)​

Petite Galerie 2011

Petite Galerie Le Poet Laval Drome Provençale
July 2011, Le Poët-Laval, France (26)​

25fps Eupen

​May 2003, Eupen, Belgium
25fps – art du film et vidéo

5e Académie d’été de la couleur

​July 2004, Le Poët-Laval, France (26)


Some of my work are available as NFT on Tezos and ETH blockchains. Tezos is a PoS blockchain and is very energy efficient. ETH is transitionning from PoW to PoS, and I will personnaly surcompensate my estimated carbon footprint till the switch is effective.

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